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Licensed and Insured • Loading and Unloading • Full and Partial

American Transporter Moving Company

We want our customers to understand what to expect from a moving company and how to prepare for a move. We are glad to answer any questions you may have. Just give us a call.

Service List

  • Local Moving – We consider moves to be local within a 50 mile radius.
  • Long Distance Moving – We send our moving trucks to all over the United States.
  • Loading and Unloading – We handle loading and unloading for both residential and commercial moves. We will also handle special moves. Just ask us.
  • Full and Partial Packing – Full packing for residential and commercial moves include everything. Partial packing means “furniture only”.
  • Free Pre-Moving Estimates – We want you to be comfortable with our pricing before you are move-ready. We do not charge a fee for this service.
  • Cleaning Services Available – Do you need to clean up your previous space once your belongings have been packed and loaded? We will handle that for you.
  • Commercial Loading and Storage – We will arrange for storage if necessary.
  • Storage Pods – New spaces are not always available at the same time you are ready to move in, and sometimes your goods need to be stored in portable pods. We can help pack, load, store, and unload storage pods for you until the new space is ready for you.

Business Owner Handles All Estimating

Packing materials

The charges for packing materials depend entirely on your choice of one of two billing methods: flat rate or hourly rate. Some people would rather know exactly what they are going to pay, that’s why flat-rate moving exists.

  • Flat Rate Moving – There are no packing materials charges for flat rate moves.
  • Hourly Rate Moving – We will give you an itemized list of charges for all packing materials, including boxes.