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American Transporter FAQ’s

At American Transporter, we want our customers to understand their move and we are happy to help in any way we can. We are passionate about our customers feeling comfortable with our services. We want to make them happy. They make us happy.

*Please note that travel times are universally controlled by federal tariff regulations.  Carriers have no control of travel times that are set by the regulations. 

American Transporter offers free pre-move estimates to help you understand what to expect. 

Q: What are your minimum charges? 
A: One hour of local travel time to and from the job and 2 hours of labor. 

Q: How do you define a local move? 
A: 50 mile radius. 

Q: What are your travel times for a local move? 
A: 1 hour travel. No other travel charges will be incurred within a 50 mile radius. 

Q: How do you calculate hourly labor charges? 
A: The hourly labor charges depend on the number of personnel we need to send to
help you with your move. 

Q: What does travel time mean? 
A: Travel time is the time to drive from the departure point to the destination. All travel time is controlled by federal tariff regulations. 

Q: How do you calculate time charges for the people needed to move us? 
A: We calculate based on one person, two, three, or more. The more you need, the more economical the per-person charges become.